SEAMARK Pooled Funds

Quarterly Pooled Fund Profiles

Pooled Fund Net Asset Values

As at March 28, 2024  
Balanced Fund: $20.32
Canadian Bond Fund: $9.81
Canadian Equity Fund: $22.07
U.S. Equity Fund: $52.74
Low Volatility Equity Fund: $17.63
Total Equity Fund: $22.51

Pooled Funds Performance Summary


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Take Advantage of Capital Gains Tax Deferrals

Our suite of Pooled Funds is in a unique position of offering the possibility to investors to defer capital gains.

We believe that it is an exceptional opportunity for taxable investors to invest in a suite of pooled funds that offers a broad range of high quality investment options while deferring future capital gains.

The SEAMARK pooled funds that offer the possibility to defer future capital gains are:

  • Low Volatility Equity
  • Canadian Equity
  • U.S. Equity
  • Total Equity

If you’d like more information or would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact us.