Group RRSP

An online service offering a low-cost, individualized investment management solution backed by seasoned investment professionals.

ian keefe 377340 unsplashWelcome to SEAMARK’s Group RRSP offering. This innovative online solution is backed by SEAMARK’s 40 years of exercising a disciplined investment management process. We offer a custom, risk-managed solution to group retirement plans for small to medium sized businesses at an attractive cost.

SEAMARK’s experienced team of investment professionals have developed this innovative Group RRSP solution as an efficient and effective solution to the challenge of allocating your investments for retirement. We understand that everyone has unique needs, risk tolerances and time horizons, which is why we tailor individual investment portfolios to meet your personal circumstances. Plus, our online system makes it easy for you to sign up and stay up to date with your portfolio.

Participants maximize the value of their RRSP contributions without taking inappropriate risks. Additionally, the SEAMARK Group RRSP solution marries the efficiency of technology with the fiduciary responsibility of a team of seasoned investment professionals.

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Employee Information

It is never too early or too late to start saving for retirement. Whether you are new to investing or consider yourself a veteran, SEAMARK provides a sleep-easy personalized solution to retirement savings.Backed by our SEAMARK Pooled Funds, we have developed a solution that gives you access to our funds through an online service, which allows us to streamline the risk assessment and onboarding processes. You will be able keep an eye on your investments as you plan for your retirement, while making adjustments along the way, as your circumstances change. 

Employer Information

Conventional Group RRSPs tend to offer a broad choice of investment funds to plan members, but uninformed and mismatched risk tolerences can lead to poor outcomes,while paying high fees. SEAMARK is well suited to provide a solution to this paradox by providing low-cost, qualified investment products managed completely by SEAMARK’s investment team. By matching the unique circumstances of each employee to his or her best-fit investment solution, the SEAMARK Group RRSP offering can be invaluable in attracting and retaining key personnel.

Our online platform allows for easy employer and employee enrollment, while combining SEAMARK’s experience and judgment, into an automated process. As the plan administrator, you will have access to an online portal to help manage the plan. We work directly with payroll providers, if applicable, to have contributions transferred and invested seamlessly.

Interested in offering an online, low-cost, easy to administer and customizable retirement solution to your employees? Schedule a meeting with a SEAMARK representative by calling 1-888-303-5055 or by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..