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Total Equity Fund Now Available!

Further evidence that SEAMARK has returned to its former essence, we repurposed the International Equity Fund to reflect SEAMARK's hallmark investment style, Total Equity. Investors in our Balanced Fund have long prospered from our total equity approach and now investors can invest directly into our total equity platform with the launching of this Fund.

Our Total Equity construction technique allows us to diversify portfolios by purchasing companies from our Master-list universe; where we have pre-qualified each security from across the globe. Our philosophy is to invest in companies, not stocks, for the long-term with proven management teams, stable balance sheets and growth protected by sustainable advantages or a "moat". The firm emphasizes quality and is willing to be patient to get results and 'buy well'. Additionally, by repurposing the International Equity Fund, the Fund retains its sizeable Capital Gains Tax Deferrals.

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One of the Longest
Fundamental Low Volatility
Equity Track Records1

As an extension of our core low risk investment philosophy, we developed a fundamental low volatility equity solution over three years ago. 

We have one of the longest fundamental low volatility equity track records;1 our record includes the calendar year 2011, which was one of the most volatile periods of the past 50 years. 

The SEAMARK Low Volatility Equity Composite2,3 has achieved an annualized return of 12.3% since inception vs. the TSX return of 3.4% to the period ending December 31, 2013.

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Equity Management

The return of former leadership heralds the resurgence of an investment style & process which has proven to have worked so very well for SEAMARK clients in the past.

We strive to create risk-averse portfolios that provide clients the dual benefits of high relative returns with low risk.

Our investment approach helps protect our clients’ assets during significant market downturns.

Management of portfolios from the bottom up, emphasizing quality & an aversion to risk were key features in the original success of SEAMARK.

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1) Based on the data among Canadian (Fundamental) Asset Managers by eVestment Analytics.

2) Performance data is calculated on an actual basis for periods of less than one year, and on an annualized basis for periods on one or more years. Performance data assumes the reinvestment of all distributions and does not take into account management fees or income taxes (except for withholding tax, if any, on foreign income) payable by any investor that would have reduced returns. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns. Performance is reported in CA$. 

3) The SEAMARK Low Volatility Equity Composite includes assets of the SEAMARK Pooled Low Volatility Equity Fund and a similar mandate under the management of McKim, Wishart and Loughery during their partnership at LeeSide. Performance data is calculated on an actual basis.

4) From LeeSide Capital Management Inc.

5) SEAMARK Pooled Fund Returns (PDF)